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Commercial carpet cleaning plays a crucial role in giving your office, a clean and fresh look. The best way to keep your rugs clean is to hire professional services of carpet cleaner, who will take care of the cleaning process for carpets. Carpet steam cleaning is one of the most recommended methods for cleaning rugs. It is very important to consider carpet cleaning in order to keep your office, neat and clean. You can take professional help of carpet cleaners. These professionals will suggest you the most suitable method for the type of carpet you have at your office.

In the year 1991 Mr Rick Ron had established the finest and one of the foremost cleaning services for rugs and carpets. We have been around for a long time and all thanks to our customers who are very happy with our work. When New York Rug Cleaning was established, we had very few resources and tools with us back then. But with the advancement in automated machinery and tools, today we are a two-hundred member team and have got all the advanced tools too.

Our Mission:

If any liquid gets spilled on the rug, then you should take immediate steps to clean and dry the rugs, as it will aggravate the problem, if tackled at later point of time. Water damaged carpet can totally ruin your rugs if not tackled at that particular time. There can be several reasons for water damage carpet like water leakage, kind of water and other such related problems. Get the quality of a Water damage restoration Azusa service through carpet cleaner rental!

  • To use only eco-friendly cleaning and stain removal solvents
  • To use water responsibly
  • Save time of the clients

These are few of the basic protocols that make us a popular choice among our clients. Our clients wish to have our cleaners to come and clean their rugs and remove stains and have the rugs repaired or restored as and when required. Our work is holistic in terms of cleaning. We leave behind only sweet smelling carpets and rugs.

Our work process:

We, from New York Rug Cleaning, are known for our timely response. Call us and we shall offer SAME-DAY service. Just one call and we are here to help you at any time. We shall begin the rug cleaning or carpet cleaning by removing the furniture and removing the tacks from the walls. Our work includes pre-treating the stains and odor, and this is why we ensure that our cleaning solvents are made specifically to remove the strongest filth and dirt from rugs and carpets. We also make sure that our work impresses our clients. So, at any time of the day, we offer to serve our clients.

Feel free to call us at (646)-542-0201 or visit our official website to get a superb discount of first wash from us. We shall respond to your call or mail at www.newyork-rugcleaning.com as soon as possible.

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